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Every Journey Starts with a First Step 

Behind every great idea there is a clear path that has helped to guide and direct that idea into something greater. For Jay A. Finke, CFP®, founder of Clarity Wealth Management, the path towards the practice started with the purchase of a 98-year-old cattle farm. Jay and his wife discovered that the farm had become overgrown and it was difficult to get to various places on the farm because the paths were obstructed by over-grown weeds, bushes, and trees. With proper planning, preparation, tools, and personnel, Jay and his wife were able to clear the paths, allowing them to experience and manage the farm in a way that they could have never imagined. 

It is out of this experience, that Jay and his partner Matt created The Clear Path Process and Clarity Wealth Management with a goal to provide their clients financial paths that lead to tomorrow, today. Similar to those who helped Jay clear the paths on his farm, Jay and Matt serve as financial guides to help their clients walk the right path to a comfortable financial future and retirement.

At Clarity Wealth Management, we work closely with a select group of local attorneys and accountants who are leaders in their profession and are extremely well-versed in the unique circumstances and challenges our clients face. Collectively, they have over 230 years of estate and tax planning experience. Together, we work tirelessly and dedicate ourselves to find your clear path.


Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Clarity Wealth Management serves as your premier Financial Sherpa: your knowledgeable guide and companion who strives to find clear, educational, and confident answers to the retirement you’ve always envisioned. With the resources of Lincoln Financial and a team of Five Star Wealth Managers*, we work towards a synergetic solution to your well-being. We apply our unique tool, The Clear Path Process™, and utilize our comprehensive planning to find direction that allows you to navigate the expected and unexpected twists and turns of life’s path.

As your companions, we believe in a Serve First, Last and Always philosophy. We believe long-term relationships are more important than short-term gains, and will never sacrifice the former for the latter. By doing so, we have conviction in what we do; the confidence in the guidance we offer; the compiled knowledge to explore all options; and the communication to build understanding and trust, ultimately leading us to find your clear path that leads to tomorrow, today.

The best guides need a vision for the path ahead. At Clarity Wealth Management, our team passionately works to find best-practiced solutions for our clients. 

We work to:

  • Be a companion because we believe that no individual should ever walk the financial path to and through retirement alone 
  • Give our clients the guidance and support so that they can enjoy life's next best adventure 
  • Find clarity to life's financial fog

*The Five Star Wealth Manager Award is independently produced by Five Star Professional (FSP) and is based on data from financial advisors, regulatory disclosures, and FSP research. Neither the advisors nor their parent firm pay a fee to FSP for the nomination or award. Working with a Five Star Wealth Manager is no guarantee of investment success. For more information go to