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Contrary to popular belief, Estate Planning is important for all financial situations. When you work with one of our experienced guides to create a financial plan for your estate, you’re creating a clear path for the next generation.


The estate planning path our clients embark on today will determine how significant the government’s role will be in distribution of assets later on in their journey. Your estate and the planning you pursue around it is a living legacy to those whom you love and support during your lifetime.  Understanding this, we construct and implement comprehensive estate plans in concert with an attorney of your choice.  Our systematic, written approach leaves a written record of your intentions for your family and advisory team to share and utilize. Our mission is to ensure that your estate value is properly organized and safely distributed to those that you choose.

Our Estate Services include:

  • Evaluation of current and projected estate value
  • Analysis of existing wills and trusts 
  • Document review and revision with attorney, if necessary  
  • Establishment of transfer and preservation objectives
  • Examination of multi-generational planning opportunities
  • Understanding generation skipping options
  • Analysis of estate gifting and sustainability
  • Review of life insurance policies including their internal costs and performance
  • Coordination of documents, titling, and beneficiary designations

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