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Clarity Wealth Management’s unique tool, The Clear Path Process™, breaks down your financial planning into six easy-to-follow steps, giving you the freedom and ability to create your life’s ideal path to and through retirement. Our detailed and adaptable planning process navigates you through Retirement, Financial, Estate, Investment, and Charitable Planning as you look to walk both sustainable and suitable present and future paths. As your guide and companion, the lifelong relationships that we develop are our single greatest asset we possess at Clarity Wealth Management. We provide you with objective and accountable solutions that best speaks to you as an individual, family member, friend, colleague, and citizen of this world.

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The Clear Path Process™ breaks down planning your path into six steps. Each part of the process brings your financial planning to a new height and allows you to navigate even the most unexpected paths.

Meet your Guides 

When you first meet your team of experienced guides, we’ll navigate you through our process and explain our philosophy. In our introductory meeting we will lay out the path for your journey as we develop a personal and individualized relationship and game-plan that will best suit your needs.

  • Any great relationship starts with an even greater introduction. During our introductory meeting, you’ll meet the team you’ll be working with on your financial journey. Our Service - First, Last, and AlwaysSM philosophy is built on the foundation of a strong personable relationship with our advisors. Rather than focusing immediately on your financial endeavors, our unique process works to understand your personal motivations because we believe that behind every financial decision there is a personal motivation that drives that decision.
  • After we have an understanding of your personality and you have the opportunity to do the same from us, we are better suited to create a map of paths that will lead to a financial future filled with clarity.

Plan the Hike

The second step of the financial planning journey involves syncing our compasses. We, at Clarity Wealth Management, want to ensure your goals and expectations align with our provided services before moving forward to create the perfect partnership for the journey ahead.

  • During the plan, your advisors will gather information about your finances and help set goals for the path ahead. Together, you’ll gather the data and information necessary to properly evaluate the status of your existing gear so that we can conduct a SWOT analysis of your current situation.
  • This is also a crucial time to identify gaps in your financial path that may block you now or in the future from attaining your objectives.
  • In addition, we spend time to fully analyze the amount of risk you are willing to take on your journey. What may seem like a sensible route for some may seem like a perilous one to you. The best path is always one that allows you to sleep well at night and have a sense of peace about your projected pathway.

Guide Preparation

Once we’ve understood each other’s roles and vision for the path ahead, your guide will begin to gather the necessary equipment and plans to continue preparing you for the path ahead.

  • Similar to a guide on a hike, our group of Clarity Advisors will analyze your “financial terrain” including your assets, liabilities, cash flow, estate planning documents, investment accounts, tax strategies, business agreements, insurance coverage, and other financial aspects to create a path to your stated goals and objectives.
  • Our detailed, analytical, and thoughtful approach is unique to the industry as we explore all paths, using best practice techniques, to be prepared for unexpected detours that may occur in the future.

Gearing Up

When your guides have created options for your journey, you’ll collaboratively decide which path is the best fit for your financial needs.

  • We will spend time making final preparations for your journey. During this time, we will discuss the financial recommendations, the rationale behind the recommendations and the pros and cons of each potential path or course of action. After we have had a clear discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each potential pathway, you'll be in the proper positon to make the best informed decisions for your personal situation.

Hike The Plan

Now that you’ve prepared with your guides, it’s time to embark on your financial journey to and through retirement. Equipped with all the tools and knowledge your experienced guides have to offer, you’ll be prepared for both the expected and unexpected twists and turns of your path that lies ahead.

  • After all of the previous steps in The Clear Path Process ™ are taken, we are now ready to prepare and implement an action plan for your hike that includes specific tasks, strategies, responsible parties, and dates of completion. We will work closely with you to ensure that the decisions you have made are executed in a timely manner and in the proper way.

Check Your FPS™

While journeying on your financial path, you and your guides will continually check your Financial Positioning System. Your FPS™ is there to keep you on the trail and help you adapt to be ready for an array of financial decisions down the road.

  • Given that The Clear Path Process ™ is relationship-driven, you are never on your own, no matter where you might be in your financial journey. We designate and schedule check-in meetings to continuously be up-to-date with your FPS™ and to make changes and updates as necessary to ensure that you are always on the right path—the path that you have chosen.